Ugg Boots - SCRUB Ugh Boots Range

Quality Ugh boots Perfect For All Occasions…

Perfect for the cooler weather, for travelling in pure comfort or to make a great fashion statement, the quality range of ugh boots from Mandic Shoes is for you. Our unique and 100% Australian ugh boots and ugh boot footwear are made with the highest quality materials by our highly experienced craftsmen.

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Respected and Experienced Ugh Boots Company - Mandic Shoes…

Mandic Shoes has been providing Australia with quality ugh boots and other ugh boot footwear for over 40 years. Our extensive experience with ugh boots and unique footwear guarantees only the best workmanship using the highest quality materials and equipment. Don't be fooled by others manufacturing inferior ugh boots with synthetic and substandard materials that are uncomfortable and fall apart - Mandic Shoes' ugh boots are 100% Australian using top class Australian materials.

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Extensive Range of Australian Ugg boots and Exceptional Footwear…

SCRUB, Mandic Shoes' premier ugg boots brand, consists of various designs and colours to suit any preferences and tastes. Each made with genuine high quality Australian sheepskin, the SCRUB range of ugg boots provide luxuriously warm and comfortable footwear, without compromising the all important fashion and style. Our Australian sheepskin range of ugg boots include:

?  Slipper ugg boots
?  Clog ugg boots
?  Ankle ugg boots
?  And our popular low, mid or full-sized calf ugg boots

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Unique and Distinctive Ugg boots To Suit You…

Not only will you have the dilemma of choosing between our great ranges of ugg boots, next you'll have to decide what colour! Unlike many other manufacturers of ugg boots, our SCRUB ugg boots come in an extensive array of traditional and fashionable colours, making our colourful ugg boots stand out in the crowd. Select your favourite coloured ugg boots, or match the right ugg boots for your outfit

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