Features and benefits

SCRUB UGG Boots and slippers have the following features:

  • A grade double face Australia sheepskins
  • Australian owned company and Australian made.
  • Buying Direct from the manufacturer!
  • Value for money
  • Qualified Footwear tradespersons making our boots
  • Added heel re enforcements to retain shape and support
  • Suede leather heel supports and trims.
  • Thicker EVA rubber sole units for longer wear but without the weight.
  • Non woven innersoles used to ensure super strong sole attachment.
  • 16mm minimum fleece length to give a lush soft feel
  • Side stitch styles use a LOCK stitch technique to ensure the sole should never separate from tops.
  • Quality cotton binding trims for quality finish and comfort wear.


SCRUB UGG – when only the best and original Australian sheepskin will do!

Why is Wool the best?

Wool is natural fibre and your get all the benefits of a pure wool product. Wool is breathable,?so no smelly feet!
Being breathable means that you feet will not sweat?as wool absorbs moisture away and stops your?feet getting cold from moisture. This is why wool is the best fibre to keep your feet warm and healthy.

Due to the natural features of wool, the absorption of moisture away from your feet ensure you maintain normal body temperature. This makes SCRUB UGG suitable for all climates. In fact wool will not only keep your feet warm on cold climates, but also cool in warm climates.

WOOL - its natural and the best!



  • Treatment before wear with a silicone spray will be beneficial to the life of your boots
  • Majority of marks can be removed by brushing firmly with a stiff bristled suede brush
  • Persistent marks or stains may be treated with recommended suede cleaner
  • Do not dry in front of direct heat or Direct sunlight
  • Do not machine wash
  • Hand sponge washing in luke warm water only is suitable for this pure wool product using a wool mix cleaner